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Camp is spending the next 2 weeks attempting to recruit unit leaders.  Each additional unit leader lets us remove 8-9 campers from the wait list.  Unit leaders are full time adults volunteering at camp.  We need 20 additional full time unit leaders and have a LIMITED number  (four)  5 day unit leader positions for the second week only June 26 - 30 (including the overnight).  

If you know someone; grandmother, aunt, older sister, dad, nanny, who would like to help at camp please contact me directly for information and to get registered: dderuy@comcast.net

Campers are accepted in the following order:

  1. Campers and tag-a-longs with an at-camp adult volunteer
  2. Campers with an adult who completes a home job (in order of registration)
  3. Campers without an adult volunteer

Home-job volunteers:  We will be contacting you, in registration order, after we try recruiting unit leaders.  That number we can add will determine the number of campers we can accept and the number of campers we accept determines which and how many home jobs are available.  If you registered and asked for a home job you will receive an email in the next few weeks with more information.